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todayOctober 5, 2021

Cyber Awareness Hasan Jradi

Beware of Survivorship Bias in Cybersecurity

Survival Bias is a type of selection bias that occurs when a non-representative subset of data is used to draw conclusions. What does this mean? Consider Figure 1 below, let’s say you were tasked to examine the damage of aircraft that had returned from missions and recommend the best place [...]

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CyberArm is a Portuguese company specialized in cybersecurity. Our team has been committed to offering cybersecurity services that are unmatched in the industry. Whether we are performing security gap assessments of networks, deploying security controls or applying managed services to improve your organization’s security posture, we are focused on providing world-class services that go beyond satisfaction.

Our Mission

CyberArm mission is to deliver the best in class cybersecurity services to help our clients survive in this digital evolving world.

Our Vision

Raise security awareness and solve important problems. Our vision is to become the leading cybersecurity service provider in the MENA region backed with the best talented cybersecurity team.

Our Team

CyberArm team has significant practical experience working for small to large companies, telecom, central banks, governments and other industries. Our team have spent an unprecedented number of hours protecting sensitive data and now we are ready to apply that same experience and expertise in defending your networks.