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todayJune 4, 2021

Cyber security Hasan Jradi

how to properly configure your firewall | cyberarm

Firewalls are critical components of your enterprise network and comes in various shapes and sizes, from basic statefull firewall, to full “Next-Generation” with threat prevention and sandboxing. Firewalls have evolved to protect even your cloud services and assets. If misconfigured, your network will be vulnerable to cyber attacks. By their [...]

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Data Protection

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todayMarch 27, 2021

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Data Protection CyberArm Team

avoid dlp Deployment drawbacks

How to ensure having an effective DLP implementation? Protecting digital assets and intellectual property (IP) is becoming increasingly challenging for organizations. Recent studies describe external hacking as the primary cause of data loss in the corporate world; however, organizations have few mechanisms to assess and report data losses through internal ...