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EC-Council and CyberArm Strategic Partnership

News & Events CyberArm Team todaySeptember 27, 2021 126 5

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In response to the expanding threat landscape, EC-Council and CyberArm, KSA, have entered into a strategic alliance to cultivate a security-aware culture.

Source: EC-Council and CyberArm Unite to Foster the Growth of Cybersecurity Talent and Facilitate Workforce Development in Riyadh – EC-Council Logo (

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, September 27, 2021 –The tactical initiative between EC-Council and CyberArm aims to support workforce development and to assist businesses in the region to be cyber safe by equipping them with adequate resources and providing cybersecurity training to professionals.

As an EC-Council MSSP partnerCyberArm is dedicated to developing specific industry solutions for organizations to mitigate and manage the security weaknesses in network devices and systems. Through this partnership, CyberArm will provide anti-phishing solutions to mitigate social engineering attacks, phishing solutions with ready-to-use training modules, and preventive controls to ensure organizations and individuals are safe from cyberattacks.

“As our world becomes more connected through advancements in technology, developing a security-aware culture becomes a necessity. Such a culture can be achieved with continuous awareness, training, and education. Our collaborative effort with EC-Council aims to help organizations of all sizes develop their sustainable security-aware culture. EC-Council’s Aware, a security awareness training and phishing solution complete with LMS and gamification module, will be delivered to our customers as a managed service,” says Hasan Jradi, cofounder and CEO of CyberArm.

In response to the collaboration, Jay Bavisi, President and CEO of the EC-Council Group, stated, “Cultivating a security-conscious culture is critical, especially as remote and hybrid work becomes more prevalent. Businesses must encourage innovation and implement robust cybersecurity training strategies to meet the growing demand for a skilled workforce. The protection of digital infrastructure is a shared responsibility for all sectors, and this initiative will strengthen the organization’s position as a reliable security service provider. With this objective, we hope to establish a long-term relationship with CyberArm and make a concerted effort to prevent cyberattacks.”

Along with utilizing tools and techniques to enhance and maintain digital security, training the workforce to be vigilant in defending against digital threats is essential. To that end, it is crucial that organizations mandate employee training to raise awareness about cyberattacks, potential insider threats and consequences, defend against cyber incidents, and handle incidents with minimal damage.

About CyberArm

CyberArm is a renowned company specializing in the field of OT and IT cybersecurity. CyberArm serves customers throughout the Middle East and Africa in the following industries: energy and critical infrastructure, financial services, telecom, education, retail, healthcare, government and defense. CyberArm’s philosophy is to always listen to customers. CyberArm believes that security cannot exist without clients’ trust and strives to earn it with responsible industry practices, full transparency, and staunch resistance to exploit trendy cybersecurity buzzwords and marketing hype. Because enterprises have heterogeneous environments, CyberArm security experts carefully discuss and understand business requirements to always do what is considered best for customers. CyberArm tailored OT and IT cybersecurity solutions and services set new quality standards for the protection of even the largest organizations. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with its customers, CyberArm helps them work through strategy and governance, maturity assessment, organizational transformation, cyber resilience, incident response, and best-in-class prevention of cyber-attacks.

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About EC-Council

EC-Council’s sole purpose is to build and refine the cybersecurity profession globally. At the core of its mission is helping organizations, educators, governments, and individuals address global workforce problems by developing and curating world-class cybersecurity education programs and certifications while also providing cybersecurity services to some of the largest businesses around the world. EC-Council is trusted by seven of the Fortune 10, 47 of the Fortune 100, the Department of Defense, global intelligence communities, NATO, and more than 2,000 of the best universities, colleges, and training companies. Their programs have made their way to 140 countries and have set the bar in cybersecurity education. To learn more, visit

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